Friday, October 1, 2010

Extended Family

by Darrin and Max

5 p.m. Friday. A beer would be nice... A trip to the store produced a not-at-all familiar array of brew size-scales!

The obvious choice to begin-just go mini. Then one can enjoy the "crisp, refreshing taste of good times"(TM, Asahi) in a satisfying, pre-dinner size and have more later.

Well. I don't know....I'm thirsty and want to begin the weekend right. So maybe tall-guy goes first.

Hold on, it is only 5.... I'm starving - the big beer might do me in. The proper size is the medium small.

Ah, but once I start, I'm going to want another one... The medium-small will be gone quickly but dinner is a ways off. So a pairing of the medium-small and the mini is perfect.
Uh oh. But the mini has already made friends with other dinky things in the fridge.

Say bye-bye to your little friend, yogurt.

(two seconds later)


  1. Haha! The mini is hilarious. "Pinky up...!" Darrin.'s a great idea.

  2. be sure to do the manly crush after hammering down the mini beer

  3. 1. Life is all about options, isn't it?

    2. Nice pinky lift.

  4. I covet a tiny beer.