Friday, May 13, 2011

Trio Flight

The three boys had to meet their classmates at the main post office for a school field trip last Wednesday. They said they were ready to make the trip by themselves, on the subway. Okay, we said. But stay together. They made it to the first station all right...and bought their tickets at the machine.

Tickets through the gate.
Waiting for the right train...(see the other solo kids?)
Back out the right ticket gate at the main station....
Up the right stairs....
And across the rainy plaza in the right direction ! Way to go, boys!
Wait a minute.....who took all these pictures?


  1. Great spy tactics, Beth! I doubt they knew you were there. What adventures. Love, Gramma

  2. So super impressed with the boys!!!

  3. Actually, Grandpop and I relied on them to figure out where we were for most of our travels together! They are excellent at navigating.
    Grandma D

  4. I am so very impressed. With all of you!