Thursday, May 5, 2011

Koka Ninja Village

This is Golden Week in Japan--a series of holidays that many people take off the full week for. Of course, the boys' school closed the whole time. Did you have to ask?

We took a trip to Koka, in Shiga Prefecture, to see the Koka Ninja Village.

Darrin dropped in to ask a couple of guys at the station for directions.

Thanks, guys, we found it!
We changed into Ninja rental suits. (In the unisex changing room!)
Does red make my butt look big? I think I should have asked for pink.
We tried all the ninja challenges.

Our little monkeys were right at home. (You can see Hugo wearing his Halloween costume from last fall. More authentic than the rentals, of course.)

Don't worry, just after this photo was taken, I kicked that blue kid out of the way.
Down the well for a quick escape
Here's Hugo, looking like an Japanese Huck Finn.

Darrin reports this task was a little tough on the groin.
After a narrow escape, Alek is helped safely to shore. (We saw several people wobble and fall in!)
The big kite there is a koi nobori--for children's day, May 5.
We also tried our hand at throwing stars. 8 for 300 yen, and a free lesson.

The boys got their ninja diplomas for completing all tasks.
Here's Darrin's diploma.

Back at the station, we enjoyed interacting with the locals.


  1. Cathy used my word - You guys were AWESOME! Your friends in Pennsylvania will love looking at these pictures.

  2. My daughter has morphed in to a Ninja! As have her husband and children. Now that they've been to Ninja Mecca, how will they ever cope with ho/hum USA amusements? Hugo - your Ninja uniform is the best!! Love, Gramma

  3. Outstanding place to go and everyone looks 'deadly' including the lady in red.