Sunday, May 29, 2011

School Festival....

Something we learned recently: A typhoon does not make ideal conditions for a school festival.

Set up the day before was a little rainy, but we all knew the forecast.

The indoor events went off as planned, including the flea market.
I wanted this big Cuisinart, but I held back.

Despite the fact that it poured all day, we sold all the food, including 80 hot dogs at the American booth. Some with chili and cheez. (We beat the Australians, who were still selling steak sandwiches an hour later.)

We enjoyed some quality entertainment.

The girl behind Alek is his fiancee, C. A lovely girl from a lovely family. A moment after this, she started pulling on his ears. (Affectionately.)
Rain boots make a good retaining wall, as it turns out.
Our next challenge: Laundry during rainy season. Care to join us?

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