Friday, May 27, 2011

May Pole!

We've heard nothing from Alek lately but "three days 'til May pole!" "Two and a quarter days 'til May pole!" The kids at school have been working hard and we got to see the final product today in the gym.

First we helped the Grade 1 kids get ready. They were dancing to "Thriller....

Look who's MJ!

Max's group is ready, too. They danced to "black and white", and decorated their shirts with their native countries.

Grade 1 was a little bit excited before things started.
First was ECP, dancing to "Rockin' Robin." This was the cutest thing I have seen in my life.
Sorry--lots of blurry photos here. I was giggling .

Then Grade 1's turn! MJ and his date came in first. (I know--the pants should be shorter! My one regret.)
Then the zombies lurched in. There will be a video of all this by that guy with the camera, so let me know if you want to see it.
Grade 2/3 did a really great weave to "Soul Sister."
Who's this teenager?
These guys did a "spider weave", which is very difficult apparently.
After weaving and then unweaving everything, they did a little shaky shaky thing at the end.
So....that was a fun time!


  1. I most definitely want to see that video. I'm sort of dying over the zombies and that very confident-looking MJ. So great.

  2. Yes! Video please!!!! Also, I am very excited that soon Max will be able to reach things on the top shelf, for his short aunt!