Monday, May 16, 2011

A little more weekend...

May 15 was Aoi Matsuri--the finale. We went over to the Imperial Palace to catch some of the parade while the boys looked at bugs.

Heian period costumes just don't do it for them anymore.

Here are some bad pictures for you to pretend to enjoy.

People lounged on the grass eating onigiri after the parade.

After lunch, we went to Arashiyama (again) to see a boat festival.

The scene below is of people waiting for a "furoshiki workshop" to begin outside the station. A furoshiki is a large square of cloth you can tie and fold into useful things like bottle holders, wrapping paper, and tote bags. We saw several people, including two young men, sitting there with their furoshikis, waiting for the workshop to start. (Would American men do this? Alone? Voluntarily?)
We ate senbei the size of the moon.
We saw the special boats on the river. That's right--those are Heian period costumes--twice in one day!

We hiked up the trail a little bit. I think these are wild orchids. Kurt, what say you?
Adventure on the river.

Not another temple? Sorry, folks, it was an accident....we were lured by the signs....
We did. We rang this big bell one per son.

We got a "great view."
We saw a one-armed monkey.
And we saw this cool snake taking the fun way home.

Another great day, another affirmation that a smart mommy never goes anywhere without an extra pair of underwear and a plastic bag.*

*See Surprising Breezes, definition 1.

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