Friday, September 17, 2010

Tokyo Trip Part 3

Did you guess it from the teaser? Did you guess where we went on our third day in Tokyo? Those of you with inside knowledge were right. We went...


Aunt Lisa, this is for you:

Some of the stuff at Tokyo Disney is in Japanese, and some is in English.

Hugo, what was your favorite ride ? Splash mountain.

What's your favorite ride, Alek? Splash mountain of course.

How about you, Max? Ummmm....Splash mountain.

So that 90 minute line was worth it? (silence).

[Hugo's voice here] Do you see that green thing Hugo's eating? It's a melon bun. It had melon bread on it. He didn't like it so much. He ate half of it. The rest he gave to the birds. But Alek was getting a little too close to them ("No I wasn't") because the birds ran away from him; no, they kind of trotted over and then flew up.

Small world ride....both Darrin and I have stories passed down to us, about how we each made parents take us on this ride in Florida about 25 times in a row. Separately, of course. That was over 15 years ago....

Things were decorated for Halloween. The parade had a Halloween theme.

The boys enjoyed some honey popcorn. One difference at this Disney--they had soy popcorn. Also curry popcorn. We will try that next time. Another difference was in the race cars--gas pedal under the left foot!

A bit crowded at times. Hot, of course.
From Sept 1 to 16 guests were invited to wear costumes to the park. Lots of teenage girls were doing this. Rules were clear: Costumes had to be family friendly and Disney related. These gals look great, don't they?

We also stayed for the evening parade. FYI, Cinderella and Prince Charming were played by foreigners.

Aunt Lisa, this one is for you, too.

In an anti-colonialist move, these princesses were played by Japanese actors.

We stayed at Disneyland from about 10am to about 9pm. Taking the train there cost only 210 yen per adult (90 yen per child) and took about 50 minutes from Shimbashi.

Who would have guessed that our boys first ever Disney experience would be in Japan?

And what did we do for our final day? You are going to be soooooo jealous. Here is your hint:


  1. Hot springs?
    Bath houses?
    Kabuki theatre?

  2. I don't know what your final day will entail, but thank you for the photos just for me!!! Too bad the Jungle Cruise guide wasn't a cute boy, but Prince Charming always makes my heart go pitter patter!!!! We miss you!!!!

  3. A train to a water park because it is hot there!?!?
    How does Fig enjoy the Japanese life?