Friday, September 24, 2010

A day of Kyoto-ness

We had another holiday on Thursday. No school; some kind of moon holiday. The moon was full and bright...Shunbun no hi, I think they called it. You'll have to take my word on the moon--the photos didn't turn out.

Here are a few highlights.
First, I am normally a bargain hunter, but I had to spend the extra 100 yen to get this. Scented like? You guessed it!

I think this is what Hello Kitty uses in her own litter box!

Thursday was rainy. We went downtown to sanjo/shijo. The five of us in an MK taxi (Y740) is cheaper than the five of us on the bus (Y770). (That makes me smile.) We found some kind of promotional jail scene at a department store:

As well as a manga exhibit.

The department store (Loft) had a small display of Halloween stuff.
Later in Teramachi (a shopping street), we saw some very ugly geisha.

These pictures are for Mira-chan. Don't drool on the keyboard, Mira!

This is sanjo street bridge. The same river where the boys played on Monday; just further South.
Walking East on Sanjo. This is classic Kyoto...beautiful temple...

.... right smack next door to some commercial building. Zoning is not really a concept here. But you get used to it.

This is a canal walk in the Higashiyama area (Hugo and Dad were passing the time, while Max, Alek, and mom were meeting a possible piano teacher).

I'd venture that back in the US, lawyers would have put some railings on this footbridge.
Some restaurant seating.
More on the canal path.

This sign is saying "don't..." Don't what?

I will send a free sheet of Hello Kitty toilet paper to the first person who can identify this structure:
You get what you pay for with that 200 yen umbrella.
This sign says, "don't park your bike here...."Here's the Kamogawa river at about 6pm.
We ended up at an Indian place for dinner on Thursday. I caught this candid shot of Hugo slurping up the rest of the aloo mutter and aloo gobi. Count those spoons.

Yep, that's our boy! He also ordered the onion soup. Ate it all.

As I type, we're getting ready for a special day tomorrow....tune in Saturday for a full report!


  1. Bathrooms? Or earthquake shelter?

  2. Chris and I also say 'bathroom', but Chris says he doesn't need a sheet of Hello Kitty tp, so I think he needs an entire roll!!!!!

  3. It's a police station, I'll bet.

  4. From Mira: It's a bathroom with an entrance to a subway station.