Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Surprise meal at the end

It was a holiday on the 20th, for Aunt Lisa's birthday. I took the boys to the Kamogawa river bank. Very pretty walking/riding path here.

Hopping stones.

Basically, the boys went out to this rock under the bridge, and played "shipwreck" for 4 hours. I am not kidding.

This park area, like many, also happens to be an earthquake refuge zone. I like the instructions on this sign.

We scored some pancake mix recently, so Darrin made his weekend special. But that's not the surprise meal!

It's this! This is what I ate on Monday night with some old KyoDai buddies. This is apparently what sumo wrestlers eat. (Of course, you cook it first. )

It's no wonder I'm not losing any weight in Japan so far.


  1. When I was in Japan I was lucky to meet some guys who were REALLY into Sumo. They told me that once you get into the higher ranks, your training day goes like this: wake up, push and humiliate new guys all over the training dojo, then eat a massive lunch of chanko-nabi and lots of beer, then take a long nap. Then go push and humilate the trainees around again. Time for a big supper (maybe what you had.....which is, what?) with lots of beer and a long sleep. For all their mass, eating, drinking and sleeping habits, you've really got to wonder how they can even move, much less be amazing (even if for only a few seconds a day) athletes. I've often wondered how an American football team would do if their offensive/defense linesmen were sumo-toris. Things would look good for the first few minutes of the first quarter, but then........time for a nap?