Monday, September 6, 2010

Interview with Alek 2

Konnichiwa, Alek.

Tell me about the party at school today.
There was ginger there. There was melon there. There was cherry there.

What are you talking about? What are these flavors?
They are the kakigori flavors!

Who made the kakigori? Who ground the ice?
There were these ice containers that grind up the ice and put it into your cup. Then they put the syrup on it, and then they ate it. Shunsuke-sensei and Mr. Ammon did it.

Tell us about the walk home from school.
The walk home from school I got Match Match from the Pocari Sweat vending machine.

Did you like it?
Oh yeah, I did.

What are some of the other drinks you have tried?
I have tried Cherry, and Fanta Zero, and Fanta Grape, and Mets Wild Charge.

What do you like about your school so far?
I like the clubs. After school. Like futsol, and snack club, and papier mache club.

What about during school? What does Ms. B say?
She calls us "sweet peas." I don't know why though.

Maybe you're sweet?
I know, but why does she put "pea" at the end of it?

Alek, Instead of sweet peas I accidentally typed sweat peas.
We are sweat peas! We are peas with a lot of wrinkles on them.

Tell us something about Japan that you didn't know before you came here.
Um...I know that there are vending machines everywhere.

Finally, name one food you like here.
I like seaweed. And tofu, and tuna. And whitefish.

Arigatoo, Alek.
Now what?


  1. I am also a pea with a lot of wrinkles on it!!

  2. These are brilliant. And I'm impressed at his list of foods he likes--wow! Seaweed?