Monday, September 6, 2010

Sunday trip to Osaka

On Sunday we decided to take the boys down to the Osaka Aquarium. Our reasoning: First, trains are air conditioned. Second, aquariums are air conditioned. Oh, and they are fun, too.

True to form, Alek announced that morning that he didn't want to go to an aquarium. Aquariums are boring, apparently. He'd rather stay home and play video games. But true to form, we made him go anyway.

On the way out of the house we inspected the porta-potty at the construction site next door. It drains right into the city sewer! Coooooll....

Heading down our street to the train station. Already sweating.

(Yes, I'm wondering too: Why is some of my blog text underlined? Who knows. Ask Ms. SmackBook).

Buying subway tickets for the first leg (it took three trains to get there).

We waited in a hot sweaty line for about 10 minutes to buy tickets. Sweat is just pouring off everybody in line. While we were waiting, Darrin and I were wondering, "was our wedding day this hot?" and decided, No Way. After the tickets, this is one of the first things you see. This alone convinced Alek that aquariums are a pretty good idea, actually. He exclaimed, "Mommy, these are REAL FISH!"

See? Alek is interested.......

Huge Manta Rays.

Hugo looking at the ocean tank.
Max looking at the whale shark. This was the aquarium's marquis item.
This thing is called an ocean sunfish. It is the weirdest thing I've ever seen in the water. Like a fish without a tail. The picture doesn't do it justice.

These are called Japanese Spider Crabs. They were very cool.

California Sea Lions....this one was hanging out by this water vent. Otherwise they moved too fast to get a picture.

After the aquarium we went to the little shopping plaza next door. Here is Alek posing with two Japanese classics.

We also ate some great Turkish food (our first non-Japanese meal).

Another thing at this harbor was go on this giant ferris wheel. It's not the biggest in the world, but close.

True to form, somebody had to say they didn't wanna go on it. (See below.) True to form, we made him go anyway (aren't we horrible parents?). And guess the same kid announced, "I want to go on it again. It felt like you were floating on an air bubble."

Alek is having a good time, despite this picture.

A view from the very top.

After the ferris wheel, we started our long trek home.

Three tired boys on the ride home.


  1. Bet your boys (with their beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes) draw much attention when you're out and about? The man (or is it a woman) in the 5th picture is so interested (and in return interesting). You should turn the camera on them whenever they stare.

  2. Ummmmm......however hot it has been for you...and I do believe it has been VERY hot....I must declare that it WAS indeed that hot on your wedding day.... :-)