Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Will you still read me if I tell you this?

I have something to admit: I hate this computer. Not loving your macbook (excuse me, MacBook) is like not believing in God. You just don't admit to it. But I'm going on record. I don't see what all the hype is about.

I want to show you some pictures of our conveyor-belt sushi day on Sunday. But Ms. MacBook won't let me show you. Sure, yesterday I was able to make a new folder of photos and then blog about them 3 minutes later. But not today. She doesn't want to show me any new folders today.

Today I wanted to scroll through my 50-page Word document. I thought a scroll bar would be handy--but I guess MacBook thinks, "50 pages? You can scroll through those one page at a time."

"What about yesterday, MacBook? You gave me a scroll bar yesterday."

She says, "well, today I just don't feel like it."

When I was a PC gal, my word processor would freeze, and then I'd get a recovered document right away. Not Ms. MacBook. She doesn't want to give me recovered documents. Okay--only when she feels like it.

So today I feel like chucking this gal out the window. Of course here, I would have to purchase a "sodai gomi" certificate, so I can put it in the "large trash pickup." That means I'd have to get out of my PJ's, so she gets a reprieve. But I'm warning you MacBook: You'd better change your fickle ways....

She's just laughing.


  1. Somewhere Steve Jobs is having an inexplicable pain in his gut. Blasphemy!

    I hope you two make up soon!

  2. Well, this continues to get better and better. The conveyer belt sushi place ..... brings back such good memories of Sapporo, even though they did not have shinkansen deliveries at the time I was there. I don't know that there's a word in English for hungry and nostalgic, but if there was that's what I would say right now.

    Then....Beth, even when your Mac is being non-helpful re' pictures, DO keep writing. You have
    a real talent.

    Do you know about the event in Osaka (I think) where people (monks? people in general?) carry wood up to some big mountain, and stack it in the shape of a kanji for "big" (I think) and then set it on fire for all of Osaka (I think) to see? I know this happens, but am a bit vague on the details. All I know for sure is that it's something I would really like to have seen.

    But, most importantly, keep writing.