Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The end of the beginning...

Admire the list, please. Notice the horizontal lines....

Max has eaten his last cheesesteak for a while....

Alek has dipped into the Olivio one last time....

Hugo is savoring his food one last...oh--right. He'll keep doing that all year.

Darrin popped a couple of final corks:

One last trip to the ice cream farm.

Travelers: Check your bags ! Many suitcases look alike. In fact, there are 10 here that have the same piece of 70's fabric tied on the handle.

Electronic equipment? Check.

Backpacks filled with dozens of surprise goodies? Check.

40 pairs of underwear? Five pairs of Old Navy cargo shorts? Check.

Boxes ready to ship? Check.

A couple last pages with mum mum? Check.


  1. It's for real!!! Best wishes to all of you on your excellent adventure. Keep in touch! We'll miss you... Love, Cathy, Kurt, Mira, Otis, and Monkey

  2. You are going to Japan. I am going to Mississipp. So different yet somehow I suspect the culture shock might be surprisingly equivalent... :)

    Good luck and happy travels!