Monday, August 23, 2010

Highlights from The Journey.... (part 2)

Here's part 2 of our journey story! Here is Beth checking in to the hotel we stayed in our first night. They didn't speak much English at the front desk...(the Part 1 shots of the boys waiting in the lobby illustrate how long this took).

Open elevator to the 6th floor....

Here the boys inspect their first Japanese toilet! This one came with a full control panel. On Sunday morning Max got my pant legs all wet when he "accidentally" hit the "for ladies only" bidet button. (I was standing at the sink)

We also checked out the gorgeous Japanese bath setup in our room. We were so happy to take a Japanese style bath here (full shower, then a soak in the gigantic tub!) after our long voyage.

Alek models one of the complimentary (adult size) robes after his bath. I think this style is called a jinbei.

After a decent sleep (we woke up a few times) we expected to use the hotel pool. But it cost Y1000 for each person! (that's about $12). So we passed. Here we are waiting to meet Beth's colleague.

We were met by V. and H., Beth's research colleague and his wife. They showed us to our new house and told us how to use the hot water and laundry. Later on, they provided a helpful tour of the grocery store nearby:

Here we are in the tofu section (I think?)

The boys are discussing their candy options.

I know you all want to see our house! I will post a full tour later. For now, here is an action shot of Beth cooking our first meal! (We made tempura udon from a kit).

Alek is demonstrating the size of our refrigerator.

Our kitchen table...maxed out.

At breakfast next morning, Alek gamely took a bite of this onigiri (rice ball).
Alek, what did it taste like? ("like seaweed.") Did you like the taste? ("yes")

Max and Hugo at our first breakfast. We have eaten two huge breakfasts so far...partly because our bellies still think it is dinnertime!

It is incredibly HOT and HUMID Kyoto all week. Monday the heat index was 107! Monday morning, we went to apply for our Alien Registration cards with V's help. But the heat (and jet lag) are sapping our energy--we really don't want to go out! The boys have been gorging on DS time in our air conditioned house. Today we are going to try to find some air conditioned places to hang out. We need to buy the boys some lunchboxes for school. Stay tuned for more photos of our first week!


  1. From Mira to the Boys:
    Which (Japanese) candy did you like the best?

    From Cathy:
    Diggin' the rice scooper on the refrigerator...

    From Otis:
    Woof Woof (trans.: gonichiwa)

  2. Amazing. Love the toilet, love the grocery store, love that giant seaweed-y rice ball. I can't wait for the whole house tour.

    Please tell me, is that fridge large enough for ice cream???

  3. This is great! Are the boys getting any Japanese instruction at school? Did you cook the okonomiaki yourselves in that restaurant, or was it done for you by a wait-person. By the way, how is the weather in Kyoto? Keep up the super good work Beth.


  4. I forgot to ask ---- have you guys tried a softdrink (available in sidewalk vending least it used to be) called Pokari Sweat?