Sunday, August 22, 2010

Highlights from The Journey.... (part 1)

The day we left, Hugo and I went to the Post Office in our town to mail four boxes to Japan.
Here's the grand total. Not too bad...

Ten bags all ready to go!

Cute, hip limo driver. Keep both hands on the wheel, dude.

We stayed over in the Airport hotel the night before our 6am flight to SFO. ...

Dinner at the hotel with Mum Mum.

Clothes all laid out, ready for early morning efficiency.

See? That's EARLY.

Our boys popped out of bed no problem! The first of many pleasant surprises of the day. These guys were amazing travelers. Here we are getting ready to check in at the Gold check-in line .

Check in was smooth; it felt great to unload those 10 bags! We had ample time to inspect the must-see display of irons in the airport. (Kurt, you would love this.)

Waiting to board after a muffin and coffee.

The plane to SFO, watching Shrek, Forever After. Let's see if Darrin can finish that book this year.

Playing with hexbugs in the SFO airport. (Thanks, Grandma!)

Gotta love the bag-to-boy ratio.

They still give out wings!

When you take boys on their third plane trip of their life, even small things seem exciting. After discovering these fold-down trays, Max showed me how you can press a button on the armrest to turn on--wait for it--a LIGHT over head!

Alek said, "this plane is WAY better than the first one."

Ready (but not willing) to nap.

Watching movies on the individual screens. Max and Hugo saw Ratatouille, Iron Man, and Clash of the Titans. Alek watched Ratatouille three times. All the boys enjoyed using the music stations. Alek informed his brothers that "CHANNEL 19 HAS OPERA!" but eventually settled on chamber music (!)

A short nap toward the end of the flight.

Just off the plane in the Kansai airport.

Welcome to Kansai! (The name for the western region of Japan)

These exhausted boys turned into puddles any time we stopped moving in the airport. Here is Alek, as I arrange the baggage delivery service.

Don't be fooled by this smile in the shuttle from the airport to our Kyoto hotel. Minutes later, Alek was zonked on Dad's lap and Max finally started whining. But, I couldn't really blame him....75 minutes was a long ride.

Three stages of tired-boy-ness, awaiting hotel-checkin.


  1. I tried posting a comment to the post you put up before this one. Don't know that I was successful however. I hope this one will work.

    So, you're in Japan. Congratulations! Does it seem real yet? I'm really looking forward to more of these great pictures. Thanks very much for sharing this adventure!

    Take care everyone, and now, on to the great jetlag battle. Let me know who wins.

  2. Your boys rock! I see that Hugo has his guitar? What's Alek going to do without his piano? You'll have to get him a Casio board. :)

    Are you in your house yet? Can't wait to see the new pad...

  3. We're so glad you've arrived safely - such great, great pictures. We're "in" - quite settled - and exploring Tel Hai & HoneyBrook. So... eager to hear more. This is a great way to follow you. Hugs to all of you.........Gramma

  4. Hooray! We have been patiently awaiting an update. So glad you made it safe and without any trouble. What cute boys you have. I giggled over the amazing button that turns on the overhead light. You musta been on one of them fancy planes!

    Can't wait to read more!