Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kappa Sushi, we love you

Sunday we ventured down town to Sanjo/Shijo area to go shopping and exploring. It was really hot (sorry, Mike!). After about 10 minutes, the boys were wilting. It was above the grumperature (we have established that above 84 degrees, our boys are hopeless). We got Baskin Robbins to stanch the whining. A couple of hours later we had stocked up on lots of school supplies at the 100 yen shop, and we stopped in to this conveyor belt sushi restaurant:

The plates go around and around....you take what you want to eat. Or if you're Hugo, you grab any plate you see, put it on the table, and make your parents tell you what it is (and therefore pay for it). Oh well... it's only 105 yen per plate!

Here we are coaching Hugo NOT to grab that plate of salmon with crazy onions on top. This place had great stuff....we had so much fun! If you place a special order (using the touch screen computer at the table), it arrives on this little shinkansen--can you see it below? Or are you distracted, as I was, by the tempura shrimp roll?

After the train delivers the plate to your table (automatically), it returns to the kitchen empty. The picture is blurry of course, because it's a bullet train.

Next time we go, I'm going to try the "hanbahgah" sushi. Or maybe the eggplant one.

All in all, we took down 32 plates between the 5 of us. The total came to only about 3300 yen. Plus, this experience bought us about 2 more hours of non-grumpy behavior downtown. And the boys were well-behaved, too.

This restaurant chain, Kappa Sushi, features some very funny aliens in their TV ads. Check it out!

(Ms. MacBook--I fooled you again!)


  1. Yummy! Can you imagine if Kurt, Mira, and I had been there at Kappa Sushi with you? 100 plates...easy! And I would have been endlessly amused by Hugo trying EVERYthing. :)

  2. What's the temperature like there? Mild?

  3. The pink lighting makes me think of Blade Runner. We should start up an "A-Float Sushi" when you come back.