Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nijo Lightup

We went to a cherry-blossom lightup at Nijo castle this past Wednesday. You might remember the Chion-in lightup last fall. This one was just as pretty.

We got there at twilight.

The sun soon sank.

There was a paper fish sculpture there that you could help add wishes to.

Alek's wish:

Hugo wished to go back to America. I'm not sure what Max wished for, but I think it was a 3DS.

Anyway. Where were we?

That's the moon through those branches.
We also got to hear three ladies playing koto harps.
Nijo lightup. Wish you were here!


  1. Such a beautiful entry! I love Alek's wish in particular. :)

  2. I wish we could have been there too. I hope the boys can remember the beauty that surrounds them right now. Love, Gramma