Saturday, April 16, 2011

What we've been up to lately (catchup post)

Today we said goodbye to MM and her friend G, who have been visiting for about a week. GP and GD left a week ago, and they had been here two weeks. We have enjoyed showing all these guests around Kyoto. And today, we have been quite happy to sit inside our house and rock back and forth.

Here are some things we have been doing the past few weeks.

Three of us finally visited the inside of the Imperial Palace, which is only a few hundred meters away, but which we had never seen. This is a kind of throne.
Here's the emperor's garden.
Some orange parts.
Here's my favorite form of translation help. See? This is the "kemarinoniwa."
Mum mum and I made sure we matched the trees.

Last-last Friday night we went out for dinner.
These three fellows all have birthdays a few days apart.
We ate shabu-shabu.
Darrin took MM and G to see Maruyama Park, a famous place for cherry trees. This may or may not be the "big famous one."

About 10am, people were reserving spots for their hanami. Still lots of good spots open! But this guy must have been there earrrrrly; he's taking a nap.
We're getting toward the end of the blossoms here.
MM and G were ready for their hanami.
For Max's actual birthday last week, we ordered two chou cream cakes.

Max is just growing up so fast. I swear he looks different every day.

Max got an e-reader for a birthday present.
Today we went to school for "student led conferences." I took a few shots of the stuff on the walls.
In Japanese schools, including this one, kids clean their own classrooms.

And today, Alek ran through a cloud of falling sakura.

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