Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hiroshima trip, Part II: Miyajima

Miyajima is one of the three top beauty spots in Japan. One of the others, as you know, is Amanohashidate. The third is Matsushima, which was right in the path of the tsunami but seems to be okay, if you trust the web.

Anyway, we had another fun day sightseeing. Miyajima is famous for this:
We took a ferry there, which docked right at our hotel!

It was windy up top!

Right when we got there, we went to a traditional folk-craft center. Alek and Max took a turn at making these momiji-shaped treats that the island is famous for.
First you oil the mold.
Pour in batter. (Yep, real gas flame. Real hot stuff. No liability waiver.).
Then put in a circle of anko (adzuki bean paste). Pour more batter over. Flip flip flip.
Done! Gorgeous!
They even had a little machine that wrapped each one up.
Each kid got to make two chocolate and two anko ones.

Hugo chose to make a rice scoop. The island is also known for making wood products like these. Here he picked out the kind of wood he wanted to use (he chose cherry).
Just a few more people in Japan, being nice to our kids. Teaching them how to use real power tools.
And helping them use hot, electric, searing things....

So then we walked along the water towards the marquis view. My Japanese teacher at UD had warned us about these wild deer attacking people's bags. I kept our snacks well packed up, and as it turned out, the ones at Nara were much worse! (No butt bites this time.)

The weather was perfect.

We were there at low tide, obviously.
Predictably, the boys spent more time looking at crabs and trash than at tori gates.
We hoped to see more sakura, but they were just starting to open up here.

Up the hill, we visited a temple full of great statues, called Daishoin. This temple had huge sand paintings, and photos of the Dalai Lama hanging up. This was probably one of my favorite temples so far.

And some giant prayer beads.

Alek found his kindred, swirly spirit.

Downtown, we visited the world's largest rice scoop.
And then, back at the hotel, we posed for some papparazzi.
Hugo and Alek enjoyed the view from the tub.
This hotel had a bowling alley! (That was the clincher for me in my hotel research.)
We all had some pretty bad games. The shoes were "too slippery."
But at least we looked good doing it.
Saturday morning we took the train back home....


  1. Nice finger guns Broseph!

  2. Every inch of Japan looks amazing (at least from your blog)! Why didn't WE arrange a visit? Humm... :P