Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Introducing CupboardTracker

Welcome to the exciting CupboardTracker, powered by CupboardCam(TM).

Watch! Our food supply drop precipitously in the coming weeks!
Experience! Unique dinner combinations!
Marvel! At how many different vinegars are collected in the Surprising Breezes pantry!
Wonder: Can they use all that molasses? Will they dare to eat tomato soup in the summer heat? Can you make hummus out of kidney beans?

Join us on our thrilling adventure!

T-minus-30 days to departure:


  1. This is the most exciting thing to happen to my whole summer.

  2. I may take a couple of vinegar bottles - & olive oils - maybe even a can of kidney beans & a little rice and/soup. Oh the possibilities for amazing, surprising meals abound - especially if you rip opff all the labels before starting meal prep. Even more surprising breezes will evolve. Love, Mom

  3. Dibs on the Cheez-Its