Sunday, July 11, 2010

Interview with Hugo

Hugo, what do you think the food will be like in Japan?

Do you like rice?
Yeah, but it doesn't taste like anything.

Do you like sushi?

What do you think you will really like about living in Japan?
I have no idea about that, cuz I don't know what's in it yet.

What will you miss about life at home?

What are you taking with you?
It's a long story. There's a lot of syllables in it.

Then just tell me some of the things.
School supplies and some yen. I'll probably find some toys there pretty darn fun, so I'm not gonna bring any. Actually, maybe some Legos. Am I done now?

Not yet. What are you going to do on the plane?
What do you think?

Play your DS?
Some of it, and also look out the window to see what we're flying above.

Anything else you want to tell the world?
No. Nothing else. That's it! Period. Okay, there's nothing else, and now, period. And remember, I didn't say "period, period, period."


  1. His conversation reminds me of Marge's conversation with Homer re Japan:

    Marge : Come on Homer, aren't you excited to see Japan?
    Homer : Aw, if I wanted to see Japanese people I could just go to the zoo.
    Marge : HOMER!
    Homer : What? Takashi works there ... He's in my book club.

  2. And, of course, this was Homer's reaction once they were there, which also ties in Max's discovery of kabuki:

    "Oh, I'm sick of doin' Japanese stuff! In jail, we had to be in this dumb Kabuki play about the forty-sevenRonin, and I wanted to be Yoshi, but they made me Ori."

  3. Am I the only one that is completely disturbed at how perceptive and witty your children are?

  4. It's time to quit your job and just write everything your kids say.

    "It's a long story. There's a lot of syllables in it." That's going to be my new line. I'll even pay Hugo royalties.