Saturday, July 10, 2010

Interview with Max

Max, what do you think our house will be like in Japan?
Small, cozy, and fun.

What do you think you will really like about living in Japan?
The small crime rate. That leads to being able to walk to the convenience store by myself.

What are you gonna buy there?
Whatever you tell me to, and maybe a candy bar or something?

What do you think you will really not like?
Changing shoes at school. The size of our yard.

How big is our yard going to be?
One square foot!

What will you miss about life in the U.S.?
Um....I don't really know. My friends Shane and Raith.

What are you taking with you?
Some of my toys, and a lot of my books. Harry Potter.

But haven't you read those books about 3 times already?
Yes, but I will read them again.

What are you going to read on the plane?
Artemis Fowl.

What else are you going to do on the plane?

What else are you going to do on the plane, besides read Artemis Fowl?
Look out the window.

What if we're not by a window?
oh yeah, I forgot...ummmm....something else.

Anything else you want to tell the world?
The world? Are you typing out everything I say? No....

(p.s. Thanks, Tiffany--I got this idea from you!)


  1. Max - maybe they'll have the Harry Potter books at your new school. Or not! Better take yours just in case. And I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get to sit by a window (at least part of the time). I know you'll miss your friends a lot - and they'll miss you too. And Papa and I will DEFINITELY miss ALL of you!! Love, Gramma

  2. I can't get over "the small crime rate." Love that Max!