Tuesday, August 23, 2011

OBX 2011

It was a week of Biblical proportions at the Outer Banks last week.

There were snakes in the pool!
Water spouts!
Giant spiders on the beach!
Buried treasure!
Dead jellyfish.

But despite the hazards, we had fun anyway. All three boys are totally into boogieboarding now. Here's Max on one of his approximately 1,000 successful waves.
(You should see Alek's tan line.)

We had fun with Shady on the beach. She greets everybody, especially people with babies. Grandpop does anything the boys want to do.

Actually, that giant spider was fake! Sorry to scare you. See?

Alek got into making buttons for Shawna and Ryan's upcoming wedding.
He was Into It in a big way. We had to remind Ryan to enforce the child labor laws.

Later the boys discovered they could design their own buttons, so they made Japanese buttons that said (you guessed it) "poop" and "butt." They also cut funny circular pictures out of magazines to amuse themselves.
Finally, Alek started a horseshoe habit. He got pretty good!
Especially at keeping score.

Bye bye, OBX! See you next year.

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